Cyprus Photo Gallery

ACP1.jpgACP2.jpgACP3.jpgACP4.jpgACP5.jpgACP6.jpgACP7.jpgACP8.jpgACP15.jpgACP16.jpgUnited Nations Police Medal Parade Nicosia Cyprus 3rd May 2004 - 77/78 Australian Contingent members combined with 11th Irish, 1st Dutch and 1st Indian Police Contingents.Newly arrived Australian Federal Police members of the 79th Contingent UN Police Mess Nicosia 1/5/04 - Supt. Ingrid Koster, Sgt.Jeff Little, Sgt Ralph Walker, Sgt Nicole Haig, Sgt. Maria Sarullo, Stn Sgt, Paul Sherring ,Sgt. Bruce Kinsman.Supt. Sandy Allen AFP with visiting 8th/9th contingent member Denis Percy, National President UNPAA at the entrance to Camp.